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Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Hunt Psychiatric Innovations was founded in 2010 by CEO Robert D. Hunt, MD.HPI strives to create innovative technological solutions for patients, psychiatrists, allied health professionals, and researchers in an effort to support more personalized treatment, increase knowledge, and stimulate and contribute to discoveries that improve the lives of patients and families who struggle with psychiatric disorders.

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Dr. Robert D. Hunt, MD Read full biography here
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Hunt serves as the president and CEO of HPI and is responsible for the overall vision of the business. He is an experienced researcher and entrepreneur who holds the patent on the ADHD drug, Intuniv. Dr. Hunt is also a practicing psychiatrist with medical degrees from UCLA and Harvard and serves as founder and director of the Center For Attention. He is a strong advocate of personalized medicine and is dedicated to the empowerment of patients, doctors, and researchers through technology.