Image of Dr. Hunt
Robert D. Hunt, MD

Chief Executive Officer

For more than three decades, Dr. Hunt has been counted among the most influential and pioneering physicians and researchers in the world when it comes to the treatment of attention disorders in adults and children.

Dr. Hunt earned his medical degree at University of California San Francisco Medical Center. After completing psychiatry specialization at Harvard University and an advanced fellowship at UCLA, he worked as a research psychiatrist at the National Institutes of Mental Health.

While on faculty, Dr. Hunt directed the clinical/research program in ADD/ADHD at Yale School of Medicine and Vanderbilt School of Medicine where he was a tenured associate professor of psychiatry.

Dr. Hunt is an innovator. He pioneered early research in the use of Adderall and significantly contributed to understanding the neurobiology of arousal and attention that lead to the development of the latest medication treatment of ADHD. When Shire/Richwood Pharmaceuticals first announced FDA approval of Adderall for ADHD treatment in 1994, Dr. Hunt was the only physician quoted in the press release.

Dr. Hunt’s initial research at Yale lead to the development and his patent of Intuniv, one of the most effective non-stimulant medications used to treat ADHD in children. At the Center for Attention and Hunt Psychiatric Innovations, Dr. Hunt developed and has a patent pending on the process for personalized medication that utilizes mobile devices to optimize medication treatment and find the ‘Best Fit’ for each individual patient incorporating not only their psychiatric diagnosis, but their personality traits in relation to the actual tasks they are performing right now.

For Dr. Hunt, his patients are his teachers. Despite his thought leadership in ADHD, Dr. Hunt has never stopped seeing adults and children as part of his daily practice as the founder and director of the Nashville Center For Attention. His current research and innovation is grounded in his clinical experience of ongoing patient treatment. His experience of optimizing treatment one patient at a time provided the foundation for his latest innovation: smartphone apps that enhance personalized medicine.