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The MedOptimizer™ series is a group of apps that empowers patients to become the driving force behind their own psychiatric treatment. Patients use MedOptimizer™ to rate their own behaviors and response to medications in real-time in real-life and share this data with their providers.

The app allows patients and providers to collaborate to find more individualized and accurate treatment and to find it faster. The first in the series, MedOptimizer™ ADD/ADHD For Parents, is available for download on iTunes

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You know you’ve found the right ADHD medication treatment plan when your child is able to experience life in the way you’ve always hoped. They achieve goals, enjoy triumphs, cope with challenges, make friends, and build self-esteem because their negative ADHD symptoms no longer get in their way and their medication doesn’t either.

Designed by a psychiatrist with more than 30 years of experience treating ADD/ADHD, MedOptimizer™ is the only proactive ADHD app created specifically for parents struggling to find the best-fit treatment plan for their children.

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SmartSoft Psychiatric Dx™ is a secure, web-based DSM-5-compliant application designed to assist physicians and specialists in assessing and monitoring treatment of all common psychiatric conditions and disorders and includes a comprehensive developmental history component.

SmartSoft Psychiatric Dx™ enables not only psychiatrists, but pediatricians, internal medicine specialists, family physicians and other specialists engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders with evidence-based clinical tools that increase diagnostic accuracy and treatment efficacy.